Parley (pärlē) – noun – conference between opposing sides in a dispute, especially a discussion of terms for an armistice. Synonyms: negotiation, talk(s), conference, summit, discussion, powwow

Parley. It means to debate, to bring together opposing sides for a dialogue in order to find a common ground, a shared goal. No industry is more in need of a meaningful and honest dialogue than healthcare. Myriad industry and regulatory issues are putting pressure on margins, forcing healthcare organizations into reactive mode. As the industry works to reduce costs and inefficiencies, there is a real need for business model transformation and reevaluation of existing value drivers. Successful healthcare enterprises will be the ones that not only embrace change, but act as game-changers to empower their entire community to be better.

Authored by the executive team at SCI Solutions, the healthcare industry’s largest ordering/referral management and network scheduling platform, this blog will offer candid insights, commentary and debate on issues critical to the healthcare business community.

For more information about SCI Solutions, please visit our website, LinkedIn page or say hello on Twitter.

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