The SCI Guarantee

SCI-Guarantee-750x422Consider the chaos in healthcare. Unprecedented mergers, acquisitions, divestitures. Crushing pressure to reduce costs in the face of increasing regulation and declining reimbursement. Uncertainty about looming policy changes. Blistering hangovers from huge EHR investments that have generated little evidence of returns. Challenging physician relationships coupled with the unexpected adverse financial impact of operating acquired physician practices. All the while, patients demand more say in care decisions, more cost transparency, and more convenience. Where does it end? What credible strategies can healthcare executives deploy?

Here’s a bright spot amid the chaos. SCI has launched a risk-sharing program called The SCI Guarantee, which promises healthcare organizations who implement our patient access platform a five percent (5%) increase in outpatient volumes and a ten percent (10%) reduction in related labor costs within twelve months post implementation. The program is built around our best practices, proven in partnership with long-standing client relationships to guarantee financial outcome improvements.

We are confident in our commitment, because it is based on the composite expertise of having helped hundreds of health systems in competitive markets standardize and centralize their patient access and engagement workflows. SCI clients have achieved remarkable performance improvement results – from large, national for-profit health systems to single-facility community hospitals and everything in between. While it is true that clients need to follow our proven methodologies to achieve these results, it’s also true that our clients often increase outpatient revenue by more than 20 percent and typically reduce labor costs by 20-30 percent. We also know our platform helps build strong loyalty with patients and referring physicians, while helping clients deliver the digital consumer self-service experience that attracts, engages, and retains new patients. In addition, our platform has already been integrated with every major ambulatory and inpatient EMR. Success among our clients is evident in that nearly 70 percent of our business comes from client referrals and our 10-year average client retention rate is 95 percent.

Who stands in the breech to share the risk with clients in the midst of such market, legislative and competitive chaos? We do. Click here to learn more about The SCI Guarantee.

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