One Hundred Million Patient Appointments Scheduled

sci-100M-appts-750x422Earlier this year, SCI Solutions realized a significant milestone: More than one hundred million patient appointments have been scheduled using our cloud-based patient scheduling platform. When, Inc. (today known as SCI Solutions) was founded, we were arguably the first Software-as-a-Service company in the healthcare market and clearly the first focused on patient scheduling. Today, SCI is by far the largest EMR-agnostic technology platform used for patient access, serving 52,000 physicians and 800 hospitals in 340 geographic markets, all on a common secure network. Each day, millions of referrals, orders, prior-authorizations, appointments, and related transactions are processed across SCI’s national care coordination network.

Let’s consider what this means for patients and providers, using industry average data:

  • Based on an industry average referral-to-appointment conversion rate of only 54%[i], this means 46 million more people were scheduled for appointments with their providers by SCI clients, compared to the average. For patients of SCI clients, this resulted in faster, more convenient access experiences compared to the time-consuming and frustrating process experienced by others.
  • SCI clients use our solutions across their outpatient lines of service, including for higher margin imaging services. Using a conservative average net revenue per procedure or visit of $300, in today’s dollars, this means SCI’s platform has conveyed appointments generating more than $30 billion in net revenue for clients.

We know that each one of these patients matters. We celebrate achievement of this milestone and recognize the hundreds of SCI clients, thousands of patient access professionals and tens of millions of patients that made this happen.

[i] Journal of Internal Medicine

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