Screening Saves Lives: Join SCI in Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

sci_bca_750x422On behalf of the SCI Solutions team, we invite you to join us in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. About one in eight American women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, and breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women nationwide. In addition, nearly 2,500 men are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer every year. So many of us have been touched by breast cancer in some way.

However, when breast cancer is detected early and is in the localized stage (Stages 0 and 1), the 5-year survival rate is almost 100%. Think about that – 100%. This is why early detection is so critical. Prevention in the form of early detection starts with a first mammogram and subsequent regular mammograms. And with such an important and potentially lifesaving exam, healthcare consumers need an intuitive and simple way to schedule and get educated about mammograms.

At SCI, we take our part seriously. We offer advanced technology that makes scheduling mammograms much easier for consumers; in the past 12 months, nearly 1 million mammograms were ordered or booked using SCI technology. We believe these exams, and getting them scheduled, should be fast and stress-free. After all, this why we continue to advance healthcare technology – to ensure that the lives of patients are happier and healthier. By empowering consumers with convenient self-scheduling capabilities, appointment reminders and a smooth overall experience, no-shows are reduced, ensuring that important mammogram appointments are kept and not just made.

Throughout October, we at SCI are celebrating the survivors, honoring those who have bravely battled but lost, and, hopefully, encouraging our friends and families to stay on top of their health and consider how one test can greatly impact their lives for the better.


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