Baptist Health Care Eliminates Insurance Authorization Frustrations and Productivity Loss

In a prior blog, we covered three ways hospitals can rid themselves of hidden costs and inefficiencies, including getting a better handle on the insurance authorization process – an industry-wide problem.  Insurance authorizations are a complex process for both provider groups and patients. When converting time to dollars, health systems and providers spend between $23-$31 billion worth of time every year interacting with insurance companies regarding payments and authorizations.

The team at Baptist Health Care, a community-owned, not-for-profit organization that serves communities in northwest Florida and southern Alabama, is proof that a streamlined approach does exist. The health system has benefited from more efficient workflows, reduced costs, fewer scheduling and referral obstacles, and increased physician and patient satisfaction. In April, Baptist Health Care deployed SCI Solutions’ Insurance Processing and Authorization Services and as a result, has already achieved a 50 percent reduction in authorization-related reschedules.

But the trying effects of insurance authorizations come in more than just dollars and cents – they can actually have a huge impact on a patient’s experience with their physician. If a patient’s clinical care experience is wonderful but unexpected patient financial responsibility or problems with insurance occur on the back-end, a good experience can turn bad very quickly. Today, a great customer experience includes not only what takes place in the physician office at the point of care, but also how the episode is handled afterward, including getting patients scheduled for follow-up tests or referral appointments, and making sure those are quickly authorized to avoid scheduling delays.

Recently, SCI Solutions was on site at Baptist Health Care to conduct a live webinar detailing the implementation. You can view a recording of this webinar here.

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