Why Does Our Healthcare System Need Clarity Health?

By Bill Bunker, Executive Vice President, SCI Solutions

“What are you here for today?” your specialist asks upon your visit. Despite the fact your primary care physician sent a referral to your specialist that should contain your reason for visit and medical history, the majority of time this information is lost in translation. This simple question represents the frustrating care gap that occurs among millions of patient referrals and visits today.

Electronic medical records make sending and receiving referral information easier, right? Wrong.

While the adoption of electronic medical records (EMRs) to replace paper charts have drastically improved the collection of patient information, a huge gap exists in exchanging it from one practice to another. The reason? EMR vendors do not speak the same language. This causes reliance on the fax machine to send information from one practice to another to remain HIPAA compliant, creating enormous room for error in communication.

“Statistics show that only 54 percent of fax-based referrals ever get scheduled, compared to the 83 percent that get scheduled when the referral is sent electronically on a web-based platform like Clarity.”
(Source: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2009)

Outdated fax technology creates a huge care gap in exchanging patient information.

Although other industries strayed from the fax machine as a primary communication tool years ago, the medical industry is still decades behind. When a patient is referred from one doctor to another specialist, it is imperative their medical information is communicated quickly and accurately. However, reality paints a different picture – faxed referrals pile up on the fax machine tray, staff members spend hours on hold with insurance payers to obtain authorizations, patients wait for days or weeks before their visit is scheduled. To top it off, when a patient finally comes in, their medical information has been so scattered that a provider does not have the opportunity to fully understand the reason for their patient’s visit.

The health industry can do better for our patients. That’s why we created Clarity Health.

We experienced this problem ourselves as patients many times and thought there has to be a better solution. That’s why we created Clarity’s cloud-based referral management platform to connect practices together, sending and delivering patient referrals quickly and accurately. We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by several factors:

  1. Real-time, communications platform: Practices can check on their patient’s status and view return reports, enabling true care coordination among their medical community.
  2. Technology + insurance servicing = full solution: Clarity’s service center delivers pre-authorized patient referrals in hours, not days so practices can schedule patients promptly.
  3. EMR vendor-agnostic: We integrate with any EMR and any practice, creating a truly streamlined referral workflow.
  4. Customized solution: Every practice has different needs and technology, so we tailor our solution and offering to best fit.
  5. Accessible and affordable: Our cloud-based solution means there is no hardware to install, no lengthy implementation.

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