New Insurance Authorization Integration for Third-Party Healthcare Solutions

By Bill Bunker, Executive Vice President, SCI Solutions

Clarity is excited to announce new integration capabilities for third-party healthcare solutions seeking electronic insurance authorization services.

On average, practice staff spend 20 hours/per week per physician on insurance preauthorizations.
Practice staff spend 20 hours/per week per physician on insurance authorizations alone. There’s a huge opportunity for improvement.

As you know, insurance authorizations are a tough challenge for the healthcare industry, as payers require different information sets and processes. Many medical practices struggle to obtain completed and accurate authorizations in a timely manner, resulting in payment denials and high operational costs. The average practice spends 20 hours/week per physician on insurance authorizations due to cumbersome processes, according to Health Affairs.

We solved this authorization headache by combining a sophisticated insurance processing platform with a Seattle-based service team to quickly deliver accurate and complete authorizations directly to customers. Customers report a 59 percent time savings when utilizing Clarity for authorizations.

Clarity is now extending this service to third-party healthcare companies by embedding our authorization solution into their existing HIT platform. Clarity runs in the background to deliver completed authorizations electronically to customers. By adding authorizations to their solution, third-party healthcare companies can add substantial value to their core offering.

Billing solutions and other third-party vendors who seek a authorization service without an integration can also receive value through Clarity’s reseller channel. By ensuring accurate authorizations are obtained for payment, vendors can help practices increase collections and avoid administrative costs associated with payment denials and appeals.


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