Clarity Health Processes One Millionth Referral

iStock_000009740937_XXXLargeBy Bill Bunker, Executive Vice President, SCI Solutions

We reached a huge milestone at Clarity last week – we processed our one millionth referral. This is a significant achievement for the Clarity team as we have worked hard to advance our technology, expertise, and processes to be the leading insurance authorization solution in the healthcare market.

One of our early customers, Northwest Physician Networks, streamlined the referral and authorization processes across their organization resulting in great improvement for their organization. “We have seen the Clarity platform evolve into a comprehensive and highly reliable solution for the over 500 providers that make up our ACO community,” says Dr. Scott Kronlund, Chief Medical Officer of Northwest Physician Networks. “Clarity enables us to provide a better patient and provider experience, all while saving significant time and money.”

This achievement highlights our expertise and proven track record of enabling providers to more quickly and accurately manage referrals and authorizations.  We thank our innovative and loyal customers for helping us reach this point and we look forward to processing our next one million referrals.

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